June 16, 2012

We Love Chiffon Skirts!

Fun Skirt Options!

GROWZE's Pleated Front Chiffon Maxi Skirt
is featured in the July 12' issue of PEOPLE Stylewatch!
Below we are featuring some shorter chiffon skirt options!
Take a look at Chebo and Sarah's streetstyle

Both skirts are figure flattering and 
can be dresses up or down!

These skirts are a steal at only $85 each!

Chiffon material makes them lightweight and comfortable!

Sarah is looking fierce in our Teared High Low Chiffon Skirt

Chebo is rocking our Irregular High Low Chiffon Skirt 

Both skirts come in a variety of colors shown here
so come in and find your new favorite skirt at GROWZE!

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