May 13, 2012

How much do you love your mom?

Today.... You won't forget Mother's Day!

How much do you love your mom? ♡
Forget flowers and stuffed animals, get your mom a heavenly taste she'll always remember from our Larchmont neighbor ’lette!

’lette makes fabulous macaroons you won't soon forget. They have a variety of flavors, not to mention a pastel rainbow of macaroons to choose from.

Aren't they beautiful? With so many colors and flavors, 
it can be hard to choose just one.

Our avorite is Mango. Mmmm.

Wrapped up in a cute little box, it's the perfect gift to put a smile on mom's face.

Introducing ’lette on 122 N Larchmont Blvd. We bet you can't say no. 

Also you can find those lovely macaroon colors at Growze. 
So pick up a treat, then treat yourself to a sweet outfit. 

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